Baseball Photos

Clark Griffith LoC.jpg

Clark Griffith, "The Old Fox", owner of the Washington Senators from 1920-1955.

Griffith Stadium 1933 LoC.jpg

Griffith Stadium, home of the Washington Senators, 1933.

Griffith Stadium 1950 - Internet.png

Aerial view of Griffith Stadium during World War II.  Note the center field fence, jutting in because a handful of homeowners refused to sell their properties when the stadium was constructed.

Bob Feller, throwing his second career no hitter, against the New York Yankees on April 30, 1946. The batter is Joe DiMaggio. It was almost one year since Feller was discharged from the U.S. Navy.

Feller Navy.jpg

Feller, next to the 40mm gun mount he commanded on the USS Alabama, 1943.

Feller vs. Yankees 1946 LoC.jpg
Feller 2 1937 LoC.jpg

Eighteen-year-old Feller (right) in 1937, his first full season in the major leagues, standing with Washington Senators rookie Bucky Jacobs.

Cleveland Stadium 1931 LoC.jpg

Cleveland Stadium, 1931. It would be several years before lights were installed.