Battle of the Bulge Photos

Noville Village Destroyed - National Arc

Major General Maxwell Taylor, Commander, 101st Airborne Division, conferring with his staff amid the ruins of Noville, January 16, 1945.

The village church in Noville, mostly destoyed by German artillery fire, February 3, 1945.

Noville Church Destroyed - National Arch
10th Armored - Halftrack - National Arch

A 10th Armored Division halftrack, 

as seen in April 1945.

40 mm gun mount USS Hornet_National Arch
M18 Hellcat_Wikipedia Public Domain.jpg

M18 "Hellcat" Tank Destroyer operating in Germany, 1945. The tank destroyers, incredibly nimble with a powerful cannon, were instrumental to the defense of Noville during the Battle of the Bulge.

40 mm. heavy gun mount aboard the USS Hornet. This mount is similar to the one Major League Hall of Famer Bob Feller captained aboard the USS Alabama, as told in THE BATTER'S BOX.

Lieutenant General William Desobry, visiting Noville in 1976. Desobry commanded the small force of Americans that defended the village in the early days of the Battle of the Bulge. Desobry, wounded during the battle and later captured, survived the war, went on to command the famed 1st Armored Division ("Old Ironsides"), and retired as a three-star general.

Desobry 1976_Internet.jpg
10th Armored Division 1942 - Fort Bennin

10th Armored Division at Fort Benning, Georgia in late 1942.

Bazooka 1943 - Wik Commons Pub

U.S. soldier holding a bazooka, 1943.

Team Desobry used these shoulder-fired rocket launchers to great effect in Noville against German armor.